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Home and Auto Insurance

When it comes to their professional and business insurance, dentist take their time and make sure that they have the best policies for them. But when it comes to their personal insurance, they tend to get caught up in the “15 minutes, 15% savings, Bundle this, bundle that” cut rate commercials that we all see on TV. It is important to know exactly what you are buying and not just how much you are paying for it.  Every insurance company can collect premium but how will that insurance company respond when you need them most?  When the time comes, will you find an empathic partner ready to fulfill and fully recognize the promises written on paper or will you find yourself on opposing sides while you struggle to rebuild? 

The trusted advisors at JLK will guide you through your personal insurance questions and concerns.  They will work with you to suggest companies that you can build a relationship with and know will be there for you when you really need them. Our advisors will educate you on what you are getting for your money, because the lowest price is not always the best but the best value is. We work to get you the best value policies, so that when the worst happens, you can rest easy knowing that everything and everyone closest to you are properly protected. 

Please complete our risk analyzer to have a JLK representative contact you:

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After a week of drilling cavities and pulling teeth, nothing can be more relaxing than going out on your boat. The last thing that you want to be thinking about is your insurance on your watercraft. 

Boat insurance, in essence, combines a home and auto policy together. You have the injury liability while socializing and entertaining guest that you do with a home and combines it with the potential collision risk you have with an auto policy. Just because you combine these two risks together, it doesn’t mean that you should be paying double or even more for the policy. It means that you want to be with the right carrier that understands the risks involved and the right agent that can give you the correct advice.  

If you wouldn’t practice dentistry without the proper malpractice insurance, then you shouldn’t drive a boat without the proper boat insurance.

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